About Bookbuddies

Bookbuddies is an application built by Robin Hamill and Jessica Jones as a part of the Ruby on Rails Development course at HackerYou.

Robin Hamill

Robin efde4d8d1e82e089465f8b10ac841514a3450430ba63b03dfcf614d24677bede

Robin is an independent web application and ecommerce developer in Toronto. He loves to build intuitive and functional web apps that engage users and solve problems.

Jessica Jones

Jess 3e391d9c9bc1e63faf135564a4d4bac5b26239a3ff66f20f7dc6b19da82f6504

Jess is a Front-End / Shopify Theme Developer at Demac Media, where she turns beautifully crafted designs into highly customized Shopify themes for clients.

Icon Credits

Default User Icon by John Hart.
Default Book Icon by Piotrek Chuchla.
Default Group icons by Danilo Gusmão Silveira, Mani Amini, and Creative Stall.
Sign-Up icon by Pieter J. Smits.
Users icon by Garrett Knoll.
Conversation icon by Creative Stall.

All of the above icons are from The Noun Project